Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Over the River and Through the Woods...

To Grandmother's house we go.

So goodbye Christmas on Kingsgate.

Here we come Christmas in Kaysville!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

All Hail thhe King!

OK, maybe not quite the king, but our little prince charming certainly rules this household. Brooks is turning two this week and got crowned at church today. He wore the crown all afternoon and was sad when I took it off. Sorry, no crowns while napping. He keeps running around singing 'Happy Day to...' Check in for more of the celebration, sure to happen later this week.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Away In A Manger

This Christmas we are working hard to remember Mowy, Josess and baby Jesus, who lays his sweet head in... a boat that goes really fast.
P.S. Mowy gives a great high-five.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Music To My Ears

Alright, so I was given the challenge to create a CD of some of my favorite tunes. A sort of retrospect of my life. I was excited and eagerly up to the task. In preparation, I made a list of songs I thought were my faves. When the list began, it was a very manageable mix. A few songs here and there that would all fit nicely on one CD.

But soon the list grew. It grew, and grew, and grew. Out came a new list filled with far too many songs than I knew what to do with. I read my list to Bryan, certainly, he would help narrow it down, only to realize I had forgotten a few. I needed more help.

So next, to my best bet, Paige, who knows my music almost better than I do. Sure enough, as we sang for 1 hour and 45 minutes of her precious cell phone time, (sorry Paige, I owe you $$) I realized my list had somehow grown.

Then, more hours on the phone singing to friends, sleepless nights, no kidding, and way too much money on itunes, I finally had to do what I was so dreading. Dave Matthews, I am sorry, you got the boot. I still have one of yours on my list, however. Also cut were a couple of Counting Crows, Oingo Boingo, 10,000 Maniacs, only to name a few.

I realize this sounds utterly ridiculous. And it is. I just couldn't believe all the memories and emotions attached to certain songs. I couldn't just cut out memories, it would be like leaving out a piece of my life, boyfriends, stomps, crazy dates, a Land Cruise breaking down and having to jump the fence to Lagoon from the freeway, and on and on.

Needless to say, my CD was eventually finished and I was able to squeeze 21 songs onto my little disc. Even though I couldn't fit all I had hoped, The Best of Erin Massey will have volumes 1 through at least 100.

So here's the question, how is it that music can be more nostalgic than almost anything else? Second, what songs bring back the most memories for you and why? A little U2, some Pearl Jam or maybe even Neil Diamond? Who knows? Can't wait to hear.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Z is for ZEBAAAA!

Gearing up for the big night that lay ahead.Here he is...the zeba.
Happy Halloween!

Even zeba's need a break.

Sucker in hand and roarin' to go. Brooks actually had at least one sucker in his hands at all times, all night.

We had such a fun night. Brooks loved trick or treating. And now he has candy enough to last a lifetime. Yippee!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Verdict Is In.

Brooks definitely enjoyed the shaving gel more than I did!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Best Week Ever!

So last week should go down in the history books for me. I had a great week. It started with my parents being in town. A great way to start off any week. But then after they left, the sadness had to wear off pretty quickly to let the games begin. A fabulous episode of the Bachelor, then book club with super yummy treats. You should have seen the spread. I wish I had a photo. Phoebe really outdid herself. And the book, I Capture the Castle, was great too.

Wednesday was fun. We got to watch Moses and go play at the church. That night was Young Women's in Excellence. It was a beautiful night. I have always been impressed by our Y.W. and I was not let down. They are so talented and so full of the spirit, I bawled my eyes out when I had to speak. I am such a woos bait. Then I hurried to a soccer game, completely forgetting about the caramel sauce sitting on the floor of my car. Of course, I was in a huge hurry and wasn't the most cautious driver, when I got to the game the caramel had spilt all over. But I had a game to get to, so clean up waited until later, and until Bryan was around to help! Then a beautiful birthday luncheon for dear, sweet Phoebe. I think I have benefited nearly as much for her 30 days of 30 as she has. Thanks Phoebe. A trip to Bridgeport and breakfast and my week could have been wonderful if left there. But no, alas a surprise was in store.

My friends had been talking about a GNO for a little while, the details were a little fuzzy, but I just thought I would show up and all would fall in to place. I had know idea what I was missing. Kristen picked me up to drive over to Kim's. We stopped to grab Jen and then Kristen told me she needed to drop some bread off for Teresa, for a family dinner she was having. Sounds odd now, but I bought it all. So we stopped at Teresa's, whose home looked pretty dark for a family dinner, I must say. But, Kristen reassured me it must be the following evening and the beautifully decorated table I saw through the window was just a testament to Teresa's incredible organization.

We knocked on the door and all the lights came on and people started yelling surprise! Only then did I realize what was happening. Teresa had invited all of my most favorite people over for lovely dinner in honor of me. I couldn't believe it. The tears came instantly. It was a beautiful evening. Teresa's home looked lovely, the food was fabulous and the company...just right. I felt so honored and came home feeling like I was floating on a cloud. Thanks for a wonderful evening. More importantly, thanks for the years of friendship.
I know I have said it before, I will say it again and again. I am so blessed. I really have the most incredible friends. I will look back on our time in Lake Oswego with the very fondest of memories. Thank you all for your incredible example. I will treasure you always.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Our Very Favorite Play Date!

We had some very special visitors last weekend. Omma and Papa came to play. We had such a wonderful time and Brooks can't stop talking about it. He is still greeting everyone he sees with "Omma, odoowa," and "Papa odoowa." For those who don't know...odoowa is Brooks for airplane. My sweet visiting teacher kept trying to tell me he was really saying agua. Unfortunately, I know my Brooks and he doesn't 'speaka the Spanish.' I wish he were bilingual, it was sweet.

Anyway, back to business. We had a wonderful time with my parents and what's best of all is that they require zero entertaining. I think we would all be content to watch Brooks and hang out and chat all day and night, which we did. We did need occasional sustenance so trips to the Pancake House and The Creamery were in order. Papa can't pass up the huckleberry and I can't blame him.

Brooks didn't stop running and skipping the entire weekend. He woke up asking for papa every morning and couldn't believe it when he was really there! The weather worked out great. We were able to go to the zoo. It was so much fun. Brooks is now obsessed with the "zeba's" and he shared some tender times with the orangutan. It was great. And I was so glad my mom and dad got to see it.

I can't believe how quickly time passes when you are having fun. And fun it was, so much so that I didn't even realize that our time was ending. I was sure we got to share another day. I was so sad to see them go. I always am. We look so forward to them coming and it just never seems long enough.

Thanks for a great weekend. We love you Omma and Papa.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Fun Fall Treat

Here is a little treat to dip or drizzle...you decide.

Yummy Caramel Sauce

1 can sweetened condensed milk
1/4 C sugar
1 Tbls. brown sugar
1/4 C dark corn syrup
2 Tbls. butter
1/4 tsp. vanilla
1 C walnuts (optional)

Just cook and stir until sugar is dissolved. Don't over cook.

I usually cut up apples or bananas and have a little snack while enjoying The Bachelor or other such quality shows. For a fancier affair try over apple or pumpkin pie, or with peaches and ice cream. Try it with anything you wish, these are just a few of my faves.

After today however, I wouldn't recommend as a hair gel. Enjoy.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Remember the sun?

One might find it hard to believe, but not too long ago, we had sunshine! You wouldn't know it if you looked out the window today. It has been raining now for the last few days and I know it's just beginning. But, I actually love the rain. Long before I moved to Oregon, a rainy day was one of my most favorite things. You'll be glad to know it still it. I guess too much of a good thing can help you appreciate those days with sun, however.

While the sun was shining, we did so many great things. A couple of weeks ago we went to the beach. It was such a great day for our little family of three. Brooks couldn't have loved it more. He ran straight toward the water but then, he just kept running. Into the waves he went squealing along the entire way. It was freezing, but he didn't seem to notice. He was wet from head to toe in a matter of minutes. He loved it and would have stayed in the water all day. But, my legs were definitely numb and frostbite was beginning to set in. We had to introduce him to the fun to be had in the sand. We were eventually successful and finally, he realized all of the great fun the beach can bring. We had a blast running on the beach chasing a particular two-year-old, playing in the water, running on the beach, playing in the sand, running on the beach ... get the picture? Needless to say, Brooks was so sad when the day came to an end, many hours after arriving. He cried to the car and then, I think he had the best sleep of his life.

A wonderful day. One to remember always.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Time To Write

I realize that it has been a while since I have posted anything on the blog. I keep trying to think of something worth while to post, and nothing comes to mind. Maybe the gray weather, maybe the Oprah on autism, but today I am feeling a little sad.

It seems there has been only one thing on my mind, and I am reminded every time I come and go. It's the silly sign in front of our house. I am not as concerned as I probably should be that there isn't a sold sticker posted to the front. I am instead reminded that as each day passes, our time here gets inevitably shorter.

We have been so very blessed to have lived here for the past six years. We have truly lived in the most beautiful place. Maybe I am getting a little taste of what it must have been like for Eve to have left her lovely garden. And we have made tremendous relationships with the worlds most wonderful people (a saving grace to know they are relationships that will last a lifetime.)

Saving graces or not, I am sad to go. I know that a grand adventure awaits. An adventure that includes Amma and Papa (which Brooks says at least 27,000 times a day,) a great job, aunts uncles and cousins and more great friends, but still, today I am feeling a little sad.

So I have decided to list five things that are great about today. I'm done being a downer, my blog is titled My Sunshine after all.

1. Last night we got to talk to my brother Trent who is flying to serve in the Philippines. He was excited and nervous but sounded so great. I can't wait to hear from him. I love Trent! (I know it's last night, but I am counting it.)
2. Brooks has been an absolute charmer today. He just keeps chatting and chatting and using his hands to tell me all. I love him too!
3. Just got a new book to read, I Capture the Castle, so excited. Only on page 6, though.
4. We showed our house this afternoon so my house, for the minute, is really clean.
5. Brooks and I went to the store and I found a box of mini Charleston Chews. They are in the fridge for later (OK, I already snatched a few) I like 'em good and cold.

So there you have it. Lake Oswego, I love you all.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Angel Boy, Brooks

This morning , I was in the living room on the phone with my mother. Brooks was in the kitchen and the longer I talked, the quieter he got. I realized something must be going on and called out, "Brooksie?" No answer, instead he came running to greet me prior to entering the kitchen. He kept pushing me back so that I wouldn't see what he'd been up to.

As soon as I stepped in the kitchen Brooks ran away faster than I could say, "an entire bag of marshmallows on the floor! How did this happen?" By now Brooks was nowhere to be found to answer my questions, so I did some investigating of my own. CSI has nothing on me. I grabbed my camera and was able to shoot one shot. It looked promising.

Those shoes look familiar, hmmmm. After getting the broom, I grabbed the camera again just in time...

AHA! The proof was in the pudding, or the marshmallows, if you will. And you will, of course!

Friday, August 24, 2007


We have a hummingbird that comes to eat nearly every time we do. We see it when we sit down for breakfast and we can count on another showing around dinner time. Yesterday morning at breakfast I said, "Brooks, look at the hummingbird." They converstation followed somthing like this:
Brooks: mommimird?

Erin: hummingbird.
Brooks: mommimird?

Erin: hummingbird.

Brooks, defiantly: mommimird!!!

So, mommimird it is, for today anyway.

P.S. Papa Ray, I hope you appreciate this as much as I think you will.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

What a Gas, At the Zoo!

"Someone told me its all happening at the zoo.

I do believe it, I do believe its true."

I have sung that Simon and Garfunkel song as long as I can remember and cannot make a trip to the zoo without singing it secretly in my head, or sometimes loud for all to hear (only if you're lucky.) So ever since we visited the Portland zoo last Friday, that song has been running circles in my mind.

It was all happening at the zoo. We went with fun friends and it was great. Unfortunately it wasn't Brooks's best effort. I think he had been sprouting some teeth all week and was still a bit off his game. However, every so often I would hear a little roar coming up from the stroller right below me that let me know he was paying attention to the bears and tigers and such.

Unfortunately, in my frenzy to get out the door, I forgot my camera. Luckily Kristen brought hers and was kind enough to snap some shots. I think next time I'll leave it home on purpose. Thanks for the pics Kristen, I love them.

Kristen, Moses, Olivia and Bella. Jen, Max and Molly, and Brooks and I round out the bunch.
The highlight of the zoo for Brooks was the saloon-like section, sounds weird, I know, but it was a big old house with ducks and chickens around it, goats and sheep to pet and best of all, a huge porch that the kids could run on. Brooks loved it and the kids could have stayed there all day. They just giggled and giggled and when the zoo train went by, squeals galore! Then we were into a chugga-chugga choo-choo fit. It was darling. Brooks has been really into choo-chooing ever since. Who knew that's what we would learn at the zoo?

I think this is pretty darn sweet. Thanks again Kristen.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Just Bummin Around

So somehow Brooks got the worst diaper rash of his little 20-month life. It was breaking our hearts. He started sitting sideways on his hip to avoid having to sit on his bottom, and his walk had become more like a waddle, tippy toes too. It was really the saddest thing you've ever seen.

We had tried what seemed like everything to make his bottom better, but no cream, no amount of walking around the house naked, even three baking soda baths yesterday still wouldn't take care of it. At last, one suggestion we hadn't tried seemed to do the trick, and lift the spirits of a sad little boy (thank you, mom.) We went outside buck naked. Well, Brooks was naked, I just watched and laughed a little. I set up the kiddie pool on the deck and he spent time in the water and a lot of time just feeling the breeze!

He was hilarious and seemed to love every minute. He kept running around the deck, smelling the flowers and playing with his truck. I made some birdseed (Grandma Morgan's famous trail mix) and he loved it. He also loved the green popsicle, which is evidenced below. He was so disappointed when it was time to come inside. I think the sun did wonders for more than just his sore bottom. He seemed to forget all about it and had a great time in the backyard. I took some pictures just to remember our naked romp in the yard. Hopefully it will be the last. Or, at least the last time we have to.

Exactly why are you hiding behind those flowers?

Nice bum, where ya from?

Just stopping to smell the roses.

Brooks, we love you and your bottom. Glad you're feeling better.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It's a bird. It's a plane...

No. It's my husband trying to hurt himself.

We had a great day at the lake on Saturday. It was a surprise birthday party for our friend, Nancy who is turning 30, yikes! It's hard to believe we actually have friends that old. Anyway, after a wonderful lunch, a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake and some great gag gifts, a diving contest ensued. Not sure if Bryan was the winner, but we must applaud a fantastic effort. Have you ever seen such form? Don't worry, no one was hurt.

Brooks loves to run on the docks, so we do too!

Little known fact, Nancy's arms are taller than she is. This monkey seemed appropriate.

Happy Birthday Nancy, thanks for a great day.

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Three-Eyed Monster

I tell you the tale of a boy named Brooks
Who loved to run and climb.
Somehow when he did, this clumsy kid
Found danger every time.

While at a friends, he found some stairs
I soon heard screams and cries...
My baby boy was now
A friendly monster with three eyes!

It's been a rough week for Brooks. Now soon after his incident with the stairs, he had another encounter with a bird bath in the back yard. Lately, it seems that if there is anything he could possibly trip and fall on, he'll find it. And he did! He definitely took a tumble and on his way down crashed into the bird bath, resulting in a cut just under his eye. It started to swell pretty quickly. I was absolutely sick. It hadn't even been a week since the previous face injury. Find it hard to believe? Here's the proof.

The morning after this photo was taken, I walked into his room and screamed. His eye had nearly swollen shut over night.

The very same Saturday we took Brooks to the park. A darling older couple were giving Brooks all the attention he deserved, and so much more, when he decided to show them how fast he could run. He did run fast, way too fast and...he fell on his face. I think he tried to put his hands down, they just weren't fast enough. So just as the scabs were falling off the other two injuries, he added another (sorry no pics, far too ashamed.) They say bad things come in three's and believe me, I hope they're right. Unfortunately, I am sure this won't be the end of our woes, but I hope he has a chance to heal so that the checker at Albertson's and his nursery leader don't have to be suspicious.

We still love you, Brooks bumps, bruises and all.

Friday, July 20, 2007

An Afternoon Adventure

We got off to a rough start. We woke up yesterday to more rain. It's July 19th, for Pete's sake, and I am ready for sun. It's been raining all week. Despite the wet weather, I was determined to have a great day. And a great day it was.

After his nap, Brooks woke up in a fine mood and off we went for an afternoon adventure. Started out at Baskin Robbins. Mint Chocolate chip did just the trick. The two of us sat in the ice cream shop all alone and boy did we enjoy our ice cream. Then off to the car wash, Brooks loves it. And to finish off, a stop at the park to swing and "sly?" (slide, said like a question.) It had finally stopped raining!

Brooks and I had a marvelous time and I was lucky to have left the camera in my purse and was able to snap some shots. He could have stayed all night, but after a while we stomped our way back to the car, roaring like dinosaurs. He is definitely my sunshine on these oh so rainy days.

I so loved our afternoon adventure and look forward to the many more to come.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thirsty Anyone?

Now this is nothing new. Brooks has always had a strange obsession with the toilet, but today it reached an all-time low. While I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day, my sneaky little guy grabbed the lid to my hairspray and dipped into what else? The toilet, of course and took himself a little gulp. Luckily the toilet had been cleaned just recently. Innovative you say? He thought so too. So much in fact he tried it again a few minutes later. Apparently, I need to get a lock and key. Tips anyone?
my sunshine