Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I know I am not as cool as dad, but I play a mean game of memory. . .

When I go in to get Brooks in the morning, he is so disappointed that I'm not dad. All throughout the day, Brooks asks if dad will be home soon. When dad finally is home, Brooks often tells me to stay in the other room, "just me and dad are playing blocks."

Though I am shunned, daily, I am actually so happy to see this little union. They have become such great friends. This is the perfect stage for them to play together and I completely understand why Brooks wants to do everything like his new found favorite. . . his dad is the best! You think you love someone as much as you could, and then you watch him try to shoot rockets through the window with your two-year-old and realize you were wrong. How lucky can one girl get? I love you guys.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Shout Out to My Sis.

I have been thinking about Paige a lot this week. It was her birthday. She has officially entered her "late twenties," which sounds terrific after I turned 30 this year.

Anyway, all of my thoughts have come to this conclusion. I am so blessed to have the best sister in the entire world. She is kind, she is thoughtful, she loves Brooks and is an incredible aunt. Paige is very nurturing, she will make the best mother one day. Paige has very strong opinions, she knows what she wants. Paige is Paige, no ifs ands or buts about it.

Paige is the perfect person to ask an opinion of, she will always give you a straight answer, even if you don't want to hear that "yes, your butt looks big." Paige loves all kinds of music and is an expert on the category with an uncanny ability to name any song/artist with just the humming of a few notes. She also has a beautiful voice. She's a great/fast reader, a skill I am jealous of. Paige knows who she is and I think she might know me better than I know myself sometimes. She is always eager to serve. She is a loyal friend and a loves being a wife. She also enjoys the finer things in life, pedi's, great shopping, good food. She is my best friend, I can tell her anything and she is the perfect road trip companion. I love you Paige, Happy Birthday.

my sunshine