Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh My Sweet Brooksy!

The move has been an adventure, to say the least. But a good adventure at that. I just can't wait to feel completely settled. It seems like there is an issue setting up nearly every utility and unfortunately, electronice equipment. But, despite the minor set-backs, our little Brooks has run around seemingly unharmed, until bedtime, that is. He started climbing out of the pack and play at my moms. Well, I just couldn't wait to get him in his crib, sure to have him trapped. However, much to my shagrin, he climed out of that as well.

Hesitantly, we took the bar off the crib, and he is sleeping in a pretty big boy bed right now. I couldn't figure out why I was so hesitant to do this, but after it happened, I realized how sad I was that he wasn't in a crib anymore. He's no longer my little baby. I cried.

I should have been crying for other reasons, not so sentimental. After hours holding the door closed and countless escapes we got a child lock for the inside of his door and he is making great strides. For two nights in a row he fell asleep in his bed, instead of the alternative.

I have learned an important lesson through all of this. Though he is seemingly fine and, I know, so resilliant, he has definitely been affected by the move. He misses the only home he's known. We quickly took him from his home, his room, and his favorite friends, which must have been so confusing. He just keeps asking when we are going to the 'hairport.'

But despite the changes, he is a happy boy. He runs around here like he owns the place and he loves seeing family and meeting new friends. He gets really excited to go to his 'news house.' I think his most favorite thing has been the overabundance of snowblowers on the street. He loves making snow angels and helping me shovel. And he loves to run up the sidewalk to the porch. He has yet to walk.

I look forward to the memories to be make on Kensington, and can't wait to see what Brooks has in store for us here on the Avenue.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Eddie, and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Well, we have arrived in Salt Lake City. We drove out a week before any of our stuff arrived. Eddie, the driver of the moving truck would call periodically throughout the week to keep me updated on his estimated arrival date.

I should have taken cues from the way we were packed up in Portland. He arrived at 9:00 am and didn't leave until a little after 5:00. Not your typical E.Q. move. Needless to say, Eddie never seemed to be in much of a hurry. Our delivery date moved from Friday to Saturday, then to Monday. Ahhh, here is where the problem lies.

All weekend the news was reporting the incredible storm sure to hit SLC on none-other than Monday morning. This wasn't just any storm, they were reporting a "big one." I notified Eddie of the storm. Not knowing he is also a weather man, he assured me it would blow over. Monday was to be the day.

Monday morning, we woke to beautiful blue skies and sunshine. Maybe Eddie really was on to something. Until the moving truck arrived. The black clouds came too. With them, snow like I've never seen. It was swirling snow, pounding snow, snow coming down faster than most rain. The ramp leading into the truck soon looked like a hill made for sledding. They would literally just slide down it. I couldn't believe it and tried to reschedule for the next day. Eddie wouldn't budge. I spent the day apologizing to the 2 movers for their frost-bitten toes and wet clothes. They were so nice, but my stomach was in knots all day.

Towards the end of the day, the snow let up, allowing us to assess the damage that had been done. Nearly 2 feet of snow had fallen. Eddie was anxious to get his truck out and on the road. Without his buddies, who were still in our house helping, Eddie decided he would get the truck out on his own, later admitting that his truck was so big, he couldn't see the sides or the back of the truck. Sounds pretty safe, I know.

Of course, Eddie got stuck and slid backwards down the street jack-knifing his truck, back-end on neighbors driveway, across the street, front-end on neighbors lawn, next door. At his best efforts to get out, he continued to rev that engine and spin those tires. It didn't work, and soon the lawn next door was spinning out all around the truck, leaving a good size hole, probably 3 feet deep and about the same width. Fabulous way to make a first impression.

Eddie and sand bags to keep his truck from sliding. Oops.

Finally, after each and every neighber got off of their porches from watching such a scene, they grabbed their shovels, snow-blowers, and ice melt and kindly helped dig Eddie out. Two hours after the ordeal began, Eddie made his exit. Leaving behind an ulcer, a complete nut case, and a phone number for any damage done. Call 1-888-dingbat!
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