Friday, April 25, 2008

Did I Mention I Was Mooned?

One recent Sunday afternoon, I was driving on the interstate enjoying a conversation with my younger brother, when I was shocked to see a ginormous bottom sticking out the window of the car next to me.

Maybe an innocent High School prank,? I think not, I nearly drove off the road and something about the bottom seemed a little beyond those years. I was horrified and completely disgusted, literally sick to my stomach! Do kids still do that? I thought the world had moved way beyond mooning. So now that you all know what gets my goat, I hate to think of what's next?

My advice: keep those bottoms in their pants, where they belong!

Sorry no pics to accompany this post.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What Is He Watching?

Certainly captivating! Action packed perhaps. . .

Well, it's non other than the Barefoot Contessa herself and mom couldn't be prouder. Other than tractors or Mermaid, it's "cook-it" or BC. So in tribute to the amazing Ina Garten, here are a couple of recipes Brooks thought looked great and I think so too.


Monday, April 7, 2008

Can You Dig It?

Well March came and went and I have no idea how it flew quite so fast, but we definitely kept busy, which certainly aided things along.

We had so much fun this past month. Two Grandpa's birthday (on the very same day.) Quite a few home projects. Easter. A lucheon with our friends from P-town and a sleepover with some of our most cherished people. Two dismal NCAA brackets. And we are still watching every tractor in town. Not to mention using every shovel in site. So here is a recap of the month that was March.

The Easter Egg Hunt.

The best family picture we could muster.

Our Easter prom.

Uhhh...Robin Eggs!

A few fun days with some favorite friends.

Brooks is growing up so fast. He is talking like crazy and I laugh so hard at him. He has grown into a such fun little friend. At lunch the other day, a lady nearby bent over to grab her purse. With her back to us, Brooks looked at me with big eyes, pointed to the ladies behind, and luckily, whispered, "bottom." He is curious as ever and very persistant, and we love him more and more every day.

As I think back on the last little while, I am reminded of the all fun we had and for some reason I can't stop thinking of all of our blessings. I am so happy to be feeling settled in our little house. And I am especially grateful for the blessing of my sweet family. I couldn't be happier and I certainly won't take that for granted.
my sunshine