Wednesday, January 19, 2011

He's Five!

He's five and this was a really hard one to swallow. I believe it is some sort of right of passage that I not at all ready for. Five is big! No more baby. He is growing into such a little guy. But in each day that he grows, my heart grows with him. He is the joy of my world. He is curious, curious, curious, smart, chatty, concerned with others, busy, energetic, full of life, sensitive, thoughtful, thorough, stubborn, sweet.

Brooks told Bryan he was having a hard time sleeping, so Bry taught him how to count sheep. He made sure Brooks understood and told him he would leave so he could give it a try. About 15 seconds later, Brooks came out of his room, Bryan asked him why he didn't try counting sheep like they had talked about? Brooks just said, "I did, Dad. They all jumped at the same time!"

I love you, dear Brooks. Thanks for being the light of my life.

my sunshine