Sunday, March 15, 2009

As Of Late

As of late it seems we've been busy, but doing what? I'm not exactly sure. Brooks is loving the warmer weather and it's made me feel like spring fever has kicked into full gear. But we have had fun spending our days with friends, celebrating birthdays, doing oodles of laundry (why won't it ever end!) reading books and watching a few shows.

It's taken him three years to really discover ice cream. And now that he has, he can't seem to get enough "balilla." We find him like this all too often.

Brooks is obsessed with... Wall E. He loves Wall E and always tries to imitate him and Eve. Every night before Brooks goes to bed, he promises he'll have good dreams about Eve and Wall E.

We have also been reading a lot of books. Right now I am loving his two favorites, Are You My Mother? and The Best Nest. Both books were given to me for my second birthday. My mom read them to me all the time. I still remember the tune she used to sing the little song to. It's fun to see things go full circle. So, it was super cool when Amma came down a few nights ago and read to Brooks. He thought it was pretty did I.

Brooks also recently shared a scripture in primary. He was so excited all week to get a turn to talk in the microphone. He had his scripture memorized and couldn't’t wait for Sunday to arrive. Just when Sunday seemed it would never come, we made it to primary and he was ready and roaring to go, but he had to wait through the prayer, then singing time, then announcements. Well, Brooks was fed up with waiting, so he just hopped right up next to the lady giving the announcements and looked up at her pretending to listen. I was watching in the back row and was rather embarrassed and so I started motioning for him to sit down. I was mouthing the words “sit down Brooks, it’s not your turn yet.” All of a sudden, he yelled at me from across the room “What? I can’t hear you mom!” I sat down and the nice announcement lady said she was fine giving the announcements with Brooks by her side. She finally finished and he gleefully gave his scripture, then he skipped over to his class. All was well with the world, at least for that Sunday anyway.

We also had a little luncheon to celebrate St. Patrick's day with Brooks' cousin Myles. We ate lots of green treats and they played to their hearts content. I think it is amazing to see what a sweet relationship cousins have. Somehow, even when they are young, they seem to understand that this little buddy is family. Brooks thinks Myles is terrific, and he is.

Last, but not least, we are into full March Madness swing with brackets and all. I keep calling Bryan to rub in a win, on the rare occasion it occurs. See, I choose my teams based on a few criteria: cute uni's, team mascot, whether or not I think it's a cool school, and occasionally the actual ranking comes into play.

Bryan takes his picks a bit more seriously; weeks of research and study, he listens to each and every ESPN analyst and is sure to check the current standing/scores every day and night and sometimes twice at night while watching Sports Center.

Even thought I tease him, I love this time of year. So GO MEMPHIS!

my sunshine