Monday, June 23, 2008

While the Cats Away.

The mice will play and play we did. While Bryan was running the grueling race in the scorching heat we had a pretty great weekend full of fun and adventure.

On Friday, I got to go to lunch with a bunch of ladies that I cheered with at UVSC. It has been 10 years since we have all been together. I can't believe how time flies. It was so fun to see everyone and reconnect. Hopefully it won't be another 10 years until we get to see each other again!

Niki, Tracy, Natalie (our fearless leader and incredible coach,) Heather, Jeannette, Kellie and myself. Sadly, we were missing a few, maybe next time. Thanks for a great lunch ladies.

Then I was off to pick up my baby boy Brooks. My wonderful mom was watching him and when I got to her house she was serving popsicles to the darling neighbor kids, Brooks' friends, Jack and Ella. They were running through the sprinklers having a great time. We were visiting with their parents, when I got a phone call that Bryan's team was running faster than expected. So we piled in the car and my mom and Brooks and I drove to Eden to see Bryan run part of his race. Unfortunately, this is how Brooks cheered on his daddy...

So, my mom and I shouted a couple of wahoos and took some photos and we were headed back to Kaysville to pay a visit to a special friend, aunt Debbie (pronounced Deebie according to Brooks.) Debbie was in a horrible accident a couple of months ago and she is recovering so well. She looks great and is getting around almost as if nothing has happened. I was amazed. We had a terrific visit. Debbie has the most incredible backyard. And after we left, Brooks said how much fun he had at the park. I think you can see why.

We are so happy that Debbie is doing well, we all love her dearly. She is proof that miracles do happen. What a wonderful eveining it was!

After all the fun on Friday, Brooks and I were pooped so we plopped in a couple of beds at my moms and had a sleepover with Amma and Papa. The next morning, we got up and drove to Park City where we hung out waiting for Bry's team to cross the finish line. They came across after a short time waiting and we drove home to let Bryan sleep. But the party wasn't over.

We then went to Thanksgiving Point. My moms friend is a sculptor and she was featured in an art exhibit in the gardens. It was beautiful. There was so much to look at and explore, Brooks had a splendid time.

Brooks and uncle Mike B.

Brooks and Papa

By the end of the night, we were all exhausted and ready for rest. Amma and Papa were such troopers and traveled all around the town with us all weekend. Luckily, at our house, we had a lazy Sunday full of recovery for all. We definitely needed it. But it was all so much fun!

I Am So Proud!

This past weekend, Bry and his friends ran the Wasatch Back. A relay race from Logan to Park City. They ran about 150 miles starting Friday running throughout the night until Saturday afternoon. They all did a great job.

I am so proud of Bryan for taking it so seriously. I should note that Bryan isn't a regular runner, but he had a goal and he accomplished it, despite injuries along the way. He trained for months leading up to the race, even lost 10 lbs. in the process. . . not that he had any weight to loose.

It was so fun to watch all of you guys have such a great time together.

Here's to next year. Way to go Bry, way to go team Rohief Constitution(don't ask!)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Dreamed a Dream.

I have always dreamed about New York City. I have been fortunate to travel to enough places, but always hated that I had never been to New York. Maybe it's because I am quite sure that my real calling in life was to be on Broadway. Never mind the fact that I can't sing, I still think somehow I was born to see my name in lights. After a whirlwind trip with my friends, I am pretty sure that I did miss my calling. But I had the time of my life and can't wait to return.

I traveled to NY with some of my friends from Portland and Salt Lake. We met in the city bright and early and we didn't slow down until we returned back home. There are so many things to see and do and so many people to watch. It is a city full of stimulation. Maybe that's why we were able to go at it as hard as we did.

Anyway, some of my favorites memories were definitely: the food, Brooklyn Bridge, the pizza, Wicked, a minor mishap in the subway, searching for comfy shoes for our pregnant Jen, the food, the flowers at the Waldorf, the banana pudding at 1:00 a.m. from Magnolia's, the limo, church, the proud Puerto Ricans, Super Hero's, fights over our favorite celebs, the cute cabbie from Jersey (I should say nice,) the hustle and bustle, Soho, Greenwich Village, (next time more time here,) Diet Coke, Park Avenue, Ground Zero, the food and my friends.

Thanks, Ali, for helping me feel just like I was local and living the dream. And for showing us New York as it should be seen. Macy, thanks for the recommendations, I have never eaten so well in my life. I loved every minute of it (eating, that is.)Thanks, ladies, for a wonderful trip. I couldn't have asked for better company. And thanks to my parents and Bry for taking care of my baby so I could have this experience. Now when the Wicked auditions come around, you may need to be on call, again, but I don't think that will be for some time now, so rest easy.

Here are a few pics of what was the whirlwind in NYC.

Macy and I upon our arrival. Unfortunately, my eyes remained this puffy the entire trip.

We all stayed in our cozy room at the Waldorf Astoria. They were nice as can be...I'd definitely go back.

The famous frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity.

View from the Met. One of my favorite stops on the roof, overlooking Central Park.

The beautiful church we attended on the upper east side.


The Brooklyn Bridge is the oldest suspension bridge in the U.S. Still feels pretty sturdy. We walked over the bridge to the best pizza ever, Grimaldi's. This was such a highlight. Highly recommended.

The flowers at the Waldorf. The entire lobby smelled like these lilies. Beautiful.

Just walking around, we did that a lot!

Oh, I met the incocievable guy from Princess Bride. One of my favorite movies. As I was saying hello, the entire store stopped to listen. I surely made a fool of myself and my crimson face prooves it! He was nice.

These are a few of the picture I have. Nancy was the staff photographer and so I can't wait to see all that she captured.

What a trip.
my sunshine