Saturday, February 21, 2009


I recently fell in love with this . . .

but not the price and since we are in a recession, I just couldn't justify the purchase. However, I couldn't get the fresh, fruity, floral aroma out of my head I had to find a way to get it. So I thought how can I be frugal about this?

eBay was my answer. Fortunately, I found it on eBay. Unfortunately, I did not find if for the cost-effective, recession-proof price I was hoping for. So I found this . . .

And yes, the price was just right. I quickly bid on the item as the auction was soon coming to an end. Disclaimer, I don't shop eBay very much and don't have the best track record, so I was a little nervous. This beautiful bottle of smooth body butter could fall into the wrong persons hands. Brooks and I were out so I had to call Bryan to see if, hope that, maybe I won the auction.

Well the magic words were heard, "you got it, you won! You bid on . . . (wait for it) body lotion?"

Yes I did and I couldn't be happier. I looked for a bargain and I found one. Besides I am sure to smell delish. I am proud to say that I saved the family money one health and beauty product at a time. Not to mention the incredible feeling and validation I got from winning this bid.

Yes, I am a WINNER! And it only cost me the small price of $8.99 plus shipping and handling.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Things

It's raining on top of old, brownish, yucky snow dashing all desires to venture out. So even though we are stuck in the house, I thought I would share a few of my current favorites from right inside my very own abode. I suppose it doesn't have to be a beautiful day outside to enjoy some pretty things inside. I got this idea from designmom and I think it's a great way to beat the wintertime blues, for today anyway.

I just got this Linnea calendar for $8.00 at Tabularasa. I think February is sweet as can be.

Brooks has been a big helper this morning. He got himself sufficiently dressed(according to B.) and even made his bed all by himself.

And last but certainly not least, my favorite way to enjoy a gray day...a cup of hot chocolate. My recipe includes milk, chocolate syrup, vanilla and a touch of cinnamon
all swirled together into a frothy wonder by none other than my favorite Cocomotion.
And of course I had to add some whipped's raining!

So what is making you smile around your house today?
my sunshine