Friday, December 19, 2008

The Christmas Sweaters

Bryan and I started dating the day after Thanksgiving and our first kiss was right at Christmastime. On the night of our first kiss, Bryan was wearing a new sweater. I must have commented on the sweater in front of my brothers and so the next morning when my brothers learned of our kiss, they swore it was the magic of the new sweater. Of course, Mike and Trent couldn't stop teasing me about our first kiss, but when Bryan walked in the next night in another new sweater, it was over. The comments about the next new sweater wouldn't stop. Kissing noises could be heard all around my house, "two little lovers sitting in a tree," and so on.

As our courtship continued Bryan received more sweaters and luckily, I received more kisses. New sweaters were noticed probably more than is humanly possible by two young boys. The best part was that Bryan would walk in the house and point out a new sweater to Mike and Trent then raise his eyebrows a few times. My brothers took to Bryan instantly, as did I.

Tonight is our 10 year anniversary. It seems like just yesterday I was awkwardly waiting around a Christmas tree for that very first kiss. I am so happy that still, 10 years later, the butterflies are there. Bryan is smart, handsome, honest, determined, a perfectionist and he grounds me, which is hard to do.

Happy Anniversary Bryan! Here's to the next 10 and here's to many more sweaters.

The luckiest girl alive.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Get Your Groove On

On a long car ride, sometimes the silliest ideas are the best. Here is one piece of inspiration that came from our heads that made for hours of entertanment.

We call it the ipod game (clever, I know.) Directions as follows:

1. Put your ipod on shuffle, no cheating.
2. One player puts earphones on and doo-doo's or hums to whatever song comes on.
3. Other players have to guess the song before the start of the second verse and must get three songs correct in order to get the point.
4. Then switch.
5. The player/team with the most points at the end of alotted time wins!

Harder than you think, but so worth it. You can come up with prizes on your own. You'll thank me later.
my sunshine