Monday, July 30, 2007

The Three-Eyed Monster

I tell you the tale of a boy named Brooks
Who loved to run and climb.
Somehow when he did, this clumsy kid
Found danger every time.

While at a friends, he found some stairs
I soon heard screams and cries...
My baby boy was now
A friendly monster with three eyes!

It's been a rough week for Brooks. Now soon after his incident with the stairs, he had another encounter with a bird bath in the back yard. Lately, it seems that if there is anything he could possibly trip and fall on, he'll find it. And he did! He definitely took a tumble and on his way down crashed into the bird bath, resulting in a cut just under his eye. It started to swell pretty quickly. I was absolutely sick. It hadn't even been a week since the previous face injury. Find it hard to believe? Here's the proof.

The morning after this photo was taken, I walked into his room and screamed. His eye had nearly swollen shut over night.

The very same Saturday we took Brooks to the park. A darling older couple were giving Brooks all the attention he deserved, and so much more, when he decided to show them how fast he could run. He did run fast, way too fast and...he fell on his face. I think he tried to put his hands down, they just weren't fast enough. So just as the scabs were falling off the other two injuries, he added another (sorry no pics, far too ashamed.) They say bad things come in three's and believe me, I hope they're right. Unfortunately, I am sure this won't be the end of our woes, but I hope he has a chance to heal so that the checker at Albertson's and his nursery leader don't have to be suspicious.

We still love you, Brooks bumps, bruises and all.

Friday, July 20, 2007

An Afternoon Adventure

We got off to a rough start. We woke up yesterday to more rain. It's July 19th, for Pete's sake, and I am ready for sun. It's been raining all week. Despite the wet weather, I was determined to have a great day. And a great day it was.

After his nap, Brooks woke up in a fine mood and off we went for an afternoon adventure. Started out at Baskin Robbins. Mint Chocolate chip did just the trick. The two of us sat in the ice cream shop all alone and boy did we enjoy our ice cream. Then off to the car wash, Brooks loves it. And to finish off, a stop at the park to swing and "sly?" (slide, said like a question.) It had finally stopped raining!

Brooks and I had a marvelous time and I was lucky to have left the camera in my purse and was able to snap some shots. He could have stayed all night, but after a while we stomped our way back to the car, roaring like dinosaurs. He is definitely my sunshine on these oh so rainy days.

I so loved our afternoon adventure and look forward to the many more to come.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thirsty Anyone?

Now this is nothing new. Brooks has always had a strange obsession with the toilet, but today it reached an all-time low. While I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day, my sneaky little guy grabbed the lid to my hairspray and dipped into what else? The toilet, of course and took himself a little gulp. Luckily the toilet had been cleaned just recently. Innovative you say? He thought so too. So much in fact he tried it again a few minutes later. Apparently, I need to get a lock and key. Tips anyone?
my sunshine